Bible References

This is the whole reason I started this. After reading the scientific facts from Ray’s book and then looking at the fact that leaves were used for medicine (from the Bible and from my work). I wondered if God had given us instructions about food. So, all I did was look at what God said to eat in the Bible and tried to stick with mostly that.

Well, from God's Word
• The first things that Adam and Eve were told to eat were basically vegetables (seeding herb) and fruit (of the trees) Genesis 1:29. So, if we go by order of what God tells use to eat, my guess is that we should be eating mostly these things.
• God told Noah to eat meat – Genesis 9:3
• God told Noah not to eat the blood – Genesis 9:4 and He reiterates this several times - Leviticus 7:26-27, 17:10-14, Acts 15:24, Acts 15:29, Acts 21:25 which means that it is really off limits!!! This means no black pudding and we should cook our meat well!!!
• God qualified which meats to eat in Leviticus 11:1-23
• God told the Israelites not to eat animal fat – Leviticus 3:16-17, 7:22-24 - which just confirms exactly what the world has been talking about and that God knew that it was bad for us beforehand.
• God tells the Israelites many times to wash – both body and clothes after certain things and I believe that God knew that we need to wash to prevent illness. This is interlinked with food because we are not looking at food for a diet (which is “die” with a “t”) but we are looking at food to promote our immune system and ultimately our health and washing is part of that.
• Leaves of the trees are used for medicine – Ezekiel 47:12 (Rev 22:2)

This is what I have gleaned so far. I am sure that there is plenty more.

However, from what I can gather in the Bible, we need to eat far more fruit and vegetables - but ones with nutrition (colour). In Genesis they are allowed to eat herb from seed and fruit off fruit trees. Later Noah was told to eat meat. Later again they were told not to eat animal fat, however, they were told to eat olive oil which we know today is very good for you. I have also been looking at the other food that they were eating in the Bible. Have not finished my study yet....I will be doing more of this over the summer break after my exams and I believe it will be interesting. So, I will get back to you on that.

Anyway, it could be that I will add to this list as I find out more.....

Seeding plant and fruit

That does not mean just seed of the herb, but the plant part as well. These days people are concentrating only on the seed (such as wheat etc.), however, the plant BEFORE it comes into seed is extremely nutritious (recent interest in barley grass and wheat grass both powders and drinks). I'll have to write this properly with the Genesis when God spoke to Noah after the flood - just as I have given you the "green herb" to eat.......

If you look at the current theory, it is that grains are on the bottom of the pyramid i.e. we have to eat them the most...however, I believe that fruit and vegetables should be eaten the most and then grains.

Grains and bread

I have had some thought about this. I was reading Genesis and when God is handing out the curses to Snake, Woman and Man, He talks about the ground being cursed (Genesis 3:17). The fact that Man will eat the the herb of the field in verse 18 which is in alignment with the food that Man was instructed to eat by God in Genesis 1:29. However, interestingly in Genesis 3:19 the Bible speaks of "In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread".

It got me thinking....Man was meant to sweat and toil and labour - hard work. He would need bread (high in carbohydrates) to fulfil the energy requirements of this.

However, nowadays......

1. We are largely sedentary because we now have machines to do our work - avoiding God's curse of hard work/labour!!!
2. Because we are largely sedentary we are not how it was supposed to be after God cursed the earth......therefore there is no real need for high energy food like bread.

I'm not saying that we cannot eat bread (or the grain that goes in to making it) but it goes to show that perhaps because we are not toiling the way that God said Man would when He cursed man, that is the reason that high grain products are largely not needed by the ordinary person. If you are an athlete or day labourer then high energy food is needed. However, for the ordinary person perhaps the thing that needs to be cut out or reduced is the high energy food to prevent weight gain.

Interestingly, Bread is first mentioned in the Bible in the CURSE that God pronounces on man!!!! Interesting!!!!

Anyway, something to think about!!!!